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Hey Everyone!

TCO21 Regionals saw some best of the best against each other in an interesting format, with qualifications and 1 vs 1 elimination rounds. @tourist and @bqi343 took the top 2 positions, and because they have already qualified to the finals @grumpy_gordon and @krijgertje won the wildcard berth to the TCO21 Algorithm Finals. Here are region-wise winners and editorials of elimination rounds.

SRM 812 is happening tomorrow. Register Now!

Here's the TCO22 Algorithm Leaderboard, do check who's leading and if you got your points. We still have three(3) more SRMs left in this Stage and we think it will go down to the wire to decide who willl become the first finalist of TCO22.

Problems of the Month - August'21

Simulation problems are a category in competitive programming. We have very easy to very hard problems in this category. The CircularParking from SRM 811 is one of them. Let’s see why only 28% of attempted participants were able to solve the problem.

We have an interesting problem for Div I competitors at this time. A problem with a low success rate, MergeToSort. The problem is creative and interesting. Also, it has many solutions; at least I discovered three different solutions.

by @a.poorakhavan




SRM 812 Wednesday, Sept 1, 21:00 UTC-4
SRM 813 Friday, Sept 17, 11:00 UTC-4
SRM 814 Wednesday, Sept 29, 21:00 UTC-4

New Events/Contest Calendar

We are moving our SRM and MM announcements to a new Google Calendar, we request you to quickly subscribe to our new calendar to stay abreast of the upcoming rounds.

Here are the links to the calendar:

Hope to see most of you compete! :)

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