Sept'21 Marathon Matches | TCO21 Regionals Results | MM 129

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Hey Everyone,
Hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

Earlier this month we hosted TCO21 Regional Events, and in that we hosted a Lightning Marathon Match (a 72-hour match). The problem statement was to minimize the number of moves to obtain exactly C 4-connected components. In other words, each colour should form a single 4-connected component.

We saw many new members join and compete for the regional rewards and the competition was difficult on all levels of leaderboard.

The ending of the match was pretty exciting as we saw the veteran wleite edging past my316g in the final testing to win the match.

Checkout the problem statement and results here:

Upcoming Matches

Marathon Match 129 - Wednesday, Sept 15, 13:00 UTC -4 to Wednesday, Sept 22, 13:00 UTC -4

Gig Work Opportunities

Did you know Topcoder offers freelance gigs? Apply for one of our awesome Data Science contract gigs and set yourself up with the freedom to earn while having fun with competing on our Marathon Matches. Find them all here.

Hope to see most of you compete and apply for the gig opportunities!


Harshit [@hmehta]

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