TCO21 Southern Asia Regional Meetup Recap

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The second day of TCO21 Regional Event was dedicated to meetups for members of the different regions.

In the morning, the Southern Asia Regional Meetup took place. This event was very close to the heart for @hmehta, as his home country India was part of it. 

The meetup was full of welcomes, rewards,  exciting announcements and games: Read all about the meetup below: 

On Topcoder we have many members from this region, and in particular India, and in the past some of our best and most exciting regional events took place in India.

Did you know that we have 63,268 new members from this region and Topcoder paid $2,587,300 to all members from here? That’s impressive! Members from this region are definitely excelling in Topcoder and the top performers were cherished in this meeting. They were starck181995, SayantanDey, harishchennupa, balakrishnan_v, mkagenius and IAMSHARIFUL.

The member who had the most impressive achievement from this region and was nominated as the Shining Star was swap12875, who won a Topcoder backpack and digital certificate. Swap12875 has been an active competitor over the last year. He has participated in QA challenges, Skill Builders and also completed his Appium Certification. He is always around asking questions and making us do things better at Topcoder.

Next, it was trivia time where the members’ knowledge was tested with questions related to their specific region. After trivia, we had several games open for the members: from Finding Wally, Jessie, Harshit and Adam in a super detailed image to FloodIt game and Incredibox where members could create their own song. Another exciting game was Typeracers where speed typing was the key in order to win.

At the same time there were different sessions for members to either talk to admins about Topcoder, ask questions about gig work or anything else, or just hang out with other Topcoder Nation folks.

It was lots of fun and definitely nice to connect with members from the Southern Asia region.

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