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Hey Everyone!

TCO22 Stage 1 qualifications are in it’s deciding phases. With SRM 814 just about to conclude or now concluded (depends on when you read the newsletter) we should have our first qualification to TCO22 Finals today. Here’s the leaderboard to check the results.

With the TCO21 Finals just a month and a half away, the excitement to see some of the best competing at such a stage is growing. Check out the semi-final lineups below.

TCO21 Semifinal Lineups:

Semi Final 1

Semi Final 2

Problems of the Month - Sept'21

This month, we don't have an article to share. But we will let you pick your favorite and let us know below in the comments:

Here are some of the previous problem of the month articles, incase you missed them:
August | July| June | May

TCO22 Schedule


SRM 815 Friday, Oct 8, 07:00 UTC-4
SRM 816 Friday, Oct 15, 11:00 UTC-4
SRM 817 Saturday, Oct 23, 12:00 UTC-4
SRM 818 Friday, Nov 5, 12:00 UTC-4
Rookie SRM 7 Saturday, Nov 26, 12:00 UTC-5
SRM 819 Friday, Dec 3, 12:00 UTC-5
Rookie SRM 8 Friday, Dec 17, 12:00 UTC-5
SRM 820 Tuesday, Dec 28, 11:00 UTC-5

New Events/Contest Calendar

We have moved our SRM and MM announcements to a new Google Calendar, we request you to quickly subscribe to our new calendar to stay abreast of the upcoming rounds.

Here are the links to the calendar:

Hope to see most of you compete! :)

PS: Signing off for the last time as a community admin on these forums. Thanks everyone for reading my posts :) Hope I was able to serve you well.

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