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MM 129, which will be remembered for it’s chicken visualization for a long time, saw interesting leaderboard movements throughout the match. Many members moved up and down trying different approaches so do check out the “Post your Approach” thread on the match forums.

After provisional testing, we stood with @bowwowforeach at the top of the leaderboard and @wleite, @iehn, and @bowwowforeach in contention for qualification to the TCO22 Finals. But final system testing had some unexpected movements and [iehn]@iehn edged passed and won the match. With this TCO20 Marathon Champion made sure he comfortably qualifies to TCO22 Finals.

Stage 2 Marathon Schedule is now announced. See below:

Upcoming Matches

Here is the schedule of Fun Marathon matches eligible for TCO22 Stage 2 points.

Marathon Match 130 - Wednesday, October 13 , 13:00 UTC-4 to Wednesday, October 21, 13:00 UTC -4
Marathon Match 131 - Wednesday, December 15 , 13:00 UTC-5 to Wednesday, December 22, 13:00 UTC -5

Gig Work Opportunities

Some interesting Data Science gigs for you:

Data Scientist - A data science division of a global health care company is looking for data scientists to support their team until the end of 2021. The team is looking to automate some decision-making as it relates to resource management. Within the data science team, this position will support efforts in building reinforcement learning approaches, optimal deep net architecture, grid search, and hyper-parameter tuning.

& Skills - Python, Experience with deep learning, RLlib, Ray, Reinforcement learning
$ Compensation - $3350 - 3750 (USD) / week

Data Engineer

& Skills - Python, PySpark, Databricks, API, JSON, SQL
Experience in Cloud environment (Azure, AWS, or GCP), Using serverless components
Strong in SQL, Notebooks in databricks, Datalake store using different file formats (parquet, delta, CSV, Avro ), Using Datawarehouse on cloud (synapse, redshift, big query)
$ Compensation - $2360 - 2760 (USD) / week

Hope to see most of you compete and apply for the gig opportunities!
Harshit [@hmehta]

PS: Signing off for the last time as a community admin on these forums. Thanks everyone for reading my posts :) Hope I was able to serve you well.

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