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I am here to learn the java and python.please help me to workout withit

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    Hi Nithin
    Welcome to Topcoder!
    If you are here to learn python, I would suggest starting with learning basics on any MOOC website and for Java.When you want to practice - Topcoder Competitive Programming has a list of 5000+ problems of various difficulty level to help you practice python programming in a timed environment.

    Setup the Applet and look for Practice Problems: Up Topcoder Java Applet Arena & Kawigi Editor”

    Check out this article to understand How-To-Compete/Practice

    Other than that -
    -We have a great platform Thrive for you to learn something new:
    -We have Topcoder Forums to interact and reach out to the community:
    -We have Topcoder Competitions, and they have their own forums to discuss things related to competitions:
    You can also try to participate in our development challenges at The best way to learn is to practice. Don’t be afraid to start your first challenge! Wait these challenges also have lucrative prize money attached to them!

    Feel free to ask any questions or doubts here!
    All the best! :)

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