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Spontaneity meets productivity and the typing club is born! The typing club hosts weekly practices and tips to type faster. It can improve your skills, saving heaps of time when writing, coding, or sending emails to support 😅

It's open for everybody to join, designers, coders, algo hackers, data scientists, QAers, everybod! Enjoy those helpful tips sent by our gorgeous CEO @DaraK who is eager to start spreading the wisdom.

Join - learn to type faster (#typing-club channel on slack)

We played a fun type racing game in our last Hangout Friday. Most of us were terrible at it. Despite the "rookie" level of most of us, we ended up motivated to type as fast as @Pena and @jmpld40 did. Then we all came together to practice under the guidance of the experts and that's it. We're typing!

* Everybody wins.
* One time practice per week.
* Butter chicken for all members, have fun

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