Marathon News 30.11.2021

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The intense 24-hour TCO21 Marathon Final was conquered by the TCO21 champion CatalinT. The second and third place winners were Psyho and wleite. Congratulations to the champion and to all finalists as well!

The challenge was to find an optimal strategy for a ninja navigating within a grid to find the most coins while avoiding spikes, which decreased the score. Navigation is partly randomized by dice throws that determine step length. As usual, a simple statement leads to a mathematically and algorithmically difficult optimization problem with a variety of possible solution approaches.

Two exciting new Marathon Matches are scheduled for December.

The Real Time Cognitive State Determination Marathon Match will run during 15.12-12.1.

Using several biometric sensor inputs, Topcoder members will create an integrated system that categorizes a trainee’s cognitive state in real time. Sensor data will be combined and used to predict an individual’s cognitive state no less than 3 seconds in the future based on their current state.

(These thrive articles are related to what the competitors will be asked to do:

Marathon Match 131 is scheduled to run 15.12-22.12.

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Recommended gigs for Data Science

  • Databricks Developer

    • Azure Data Bricks, SSIS, Spark, Scala, Azure Data Factory
    • Evaluate, define, provide and support BI & DW solutions
    • Expert and Key point of contact between the data analyst, data scientists, and the business/application teams
    • $$$: $1250 - 1650 (USD) / week
    • Any location / IST with some EST overlap
    • 20 weeks
  • Data Architect

    • E2E Solution Development Approach, Azure PaaS, SaaS & IaaS Components, API Integration, data architecture, graph data model
    • Secondary skills: Azure IoT, Event Hubs, 3D Simulations & Digital Twin Framework
    • $$$: $2700 - 3200 (USD) / week
    • Any location / Any timezone
    • 26 weeks
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