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TopCoder has 3 types of and today I would like to discuss about the currency conversion rate that is provided by Western Union as it would eliminate the need to convert the funds at the local bank.

I tried to contact western union business but they can only provide inofrmation related to businesses themself and cannot provide this information to the payee or the beneficiary in this case the members of the community.

It Would be great if TopCoder could help me with this.

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    Thank you @kshitiz305 for these questions

    Appreciate the interaction with you and everyone on the call yesterday, and looking forward to having you guys in the future meetups!

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    Regaring the question, let me find the best person to answer this and get back to you.

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    Western Union only applies conversion rates when Western Union is used in the traditional way, e.g. funds are wired by someone and a person can pick up the funds in a Western Union location. That is not the case here. We use Western Union's Global Pay which requires a bank account to be set up and the funds we transmit are sent to these bank accounts. Therefore, conversion rates vary as they are determined by the member's bank or intermediary bank - not by Western Union.

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    Hi @kshitiz305, please go through kikis's reply here, and let us know if you have any follow up questions?

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    This is an email from one of the Western Union Business Representatives.

    From: John-Cian Maier JohnCian.Maier@westernunionbank.com
    Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2022 5:34 PM
    To: Kshitiz Gupta kshitiz305@live.com
    Subject: RE: Inquiry regarding the conversion rate

    Hello Mr. Kshitiz,

    Basically Western Union Business Solutions offers the conversion of USD to INR, but only for corporate customers, which successfully went through the accreditation process including compliance.

    Best regards,

    John-Cian Maier
    Junior Business Development Manager
    Western Union Business Solutions
    Direct: +1 720 332 3000
    Cell: +1 720 888 1234

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    @kshitiz305 - I hope you have some additional information now to decide which service you're going to use or going to try seriously.

    Btw, based on your direct conversations with WU such as this, what final takeaway do we have about WU?

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    Actually the rates that will be charged by westren union are still not clear and they are not ready to provide the information to me as I am not a member of the firm management in the eyes of Western Union and they will require someone from the TopCoder team to contact them so that they can share the charges as well as the conversion rates that will be charged by them.

    I would like to bring it to your notice that there are two converions offered by Western Union:

    1 option: https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/currency-converter/usd-to-inr-rate.html

    2 option:

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