Community Monday Meetup - Europe (January 17. 2022)

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Already the second week of local community hangouts! I was able to answer @jivkoss' query from last week about new Design challenges, since the new format Design challenge just launched. The special part about this new kind of Design challenge is that there is no copilot, and the competitors are working directly with the customer. The target for this is to allow smaller businesses to work more directly with Topcoder community, rather than just bigger enterprise customers targeting bigger projects.

A new NASA Maratchon Match just launched! Use your Data Science -fu to detect comets from image data!

We also has a special guest joining us this week! @coder_jedi joined us to give a special introduction and a short interview about the exciting new Mulesoft program. In case you haven't yet heard about it, Mulesoft is offering FREE training to all Topcoder members, check it out! There's plenty of challenges and gig work coming up so now's the time to upskill. The Talking Mulesoft podcast is also launching soon. Check the recording below for more info!

A super-special AMA session for Topcoder Nation by Adam Morehead, also known as @adroc, this week! Still some time to send in your questions!

Check the recording below!

Here are all the relevant links presented during the talk:

TCO22 Regional events:

New NASA DS challenge:

NASA community:

New design challenge:

Featured Gig:

Featured Gig:

Featured Gig:

Featured Gig:

Skill-builder of the month:

Mulesoft training:

AMA with @adroc :

Come hang out with us next week for the latest news, relevant gigs, new challenges, special extra content and most importantly, relaxed informal hanging out and discussion with fellow Topcoder community members! Welcome!

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