Trying to win a T-shirt

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That is all

Thank you :)

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    You are welcome ;)

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    Hi @kemomcvc,

    To win Topcoder T-shirt, you will need to actively participate in any Topcoder events that offering T-shirt as one of the perks/rewards, the one that currently active right now is by competing in our challenge platform to get points and seat for TCO regional 2022, if your handle is in the list, you will get a T-shirt :)

    There are many ways to get Topcoder T-shirt, just be active in the community, either by participating in our challenge platform or gig platform, join our Discord server/channels, or actively contribute in this forum or creating article in THRIVE

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    Hi @fajar.mln,

    Thanks for the detailed info :)

    This post is actually one of ways I could win a t-shirt, I just wasn't creative enough to come up with a clever title ;)

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    ah, I see @kemomcvc, thank you for the clarification. Hope you are lucky next time :)

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