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How can I work on Topcoder?
How can I earn from here?
What exactly can I do here?

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    Welcome, @swaira !
    Things you can do here:
    - Explore and learn on Thrive. If you have ideas for good content, you can also write content yourself
    - Find competitions related to your track of interest on the Challenges page and compete
    - Find Skill builder challenges from the above page and learn new technologies through competitions aimed at learning! Also chances to earn some prizes!
    - Participate in Algorithmic Competitive Programming matches on the Topcoder Arena
    - Find a freelance Gig for yourself from the Gig Work page!
    - Refer someone you know that is qualified for a gig, and get a referral payment if they get chosen

    In short, there's plenty to do here at Topcoder :) What are your main areas of interest? Design, Development, Data Science, Algorithms, something else?

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