TWO COMETS Discovered by Topcoder members for NASA! Join NASA Community!

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Have you heard the news? Well, our amazing community, in particular 7 members, discovered two comets for NASA! That Comet Detection Match was the real deal and now we've got official comet discovery credit for those members.

You can join our NASA Community so you don't miss any of our upcoming NASA challenges!

Winners include:

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Congrats to the winners!

Comet #1 (Kreutz) was found by: ceres1, selim_sef and gardn999
Comet #2 (Non-group) was found by selim_sef, gardn999, cannab, ZFTurbo, and ap31

@ceres1 created this video about his submission here.

@gardn999 said this, "On top of being a fun and interesting challenge, it was very exciting to hear that my algorithm had already helped to find a couple new comets. Hopefully, there will be more NASA related challenges like this in the future."

We will be hosting a webinar on the NASA Comet Detection Match and we hope you'll join us to learn more about it. Register here.

If you'd like to learn more, definitely check out some of the articles and the case study.

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Case Study


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