Beginning in competitive programming (looking for a mentor, advice, tips, etc.)

1 posts Thu, Jun 9, 2022 at 04:33 PM in New Here & Getting Started

Hello, my name is Alex and I'm going to be a freshman in high school this fall. I'm interested in competitive programming, and I'm looking for advice and tips from someone who has been successful. I was wondering what is the best age to start competitive programming and if anyone can be my mentor. If you have done well in competitive programming (ex; winning a local, state, or national competition) please reach out to me as I would love to hear what advice you have and what resources you used in order to do it. Also, if there is anyone who has a job, or does freelance work and makes a decent amount of money from it, I would also like to hear tips from you too! Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

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