Starting projects, Setting up the wi8 forms and receiving paypal payments

1 posts Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 11:05 PM in New Here & Getting Started

After choosing a freelance project I installed the relevent applications and sent an invoince from paypal to the toptal support email and then I waited and received a meeting request email to which I ignored for now and went into the payments platfrom and then downloaded a wi8 irs form and then sent that to a lawyer on linked in and now I am just waiting for the next steps. I think during that meeting request email I get told to do something which does some sort of account approval. In the mean time that glass panel progject is paused on my end/side however I did send some brief research into the functionality of the code databases and other types of project management tools required. This is only freelance and part time for me however I am quite excited to use the databricks and build a glass panel. I need to upgrade my phone though so its conveinent to use the discord applications for quick and or fast chat at the moment my phone is very slow and needs to be upgraded which I mentioned in the email. Now I just wait for my phone and laptop to break and or be upgraded. However in the mean time I could hypothetically start the second phase of the web application development however the dayabricks subscription has expired. But with some guidence I'm sure its easy to work out. I think approvals might take a while though.

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