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So we got a new rating UI. I like how it is nice and compact. However, we have now lost some important features, which I would like to see returned to us.

Here is my MM rating view:


The rating graph doesn't have any dates or ratings. I cannot hover over individual graph points and see what contest that was. I cannot hover over the rating distribution graph and see further details for each bar. If I click See Match Details then it shows me MM which I've registered for (like those that I wrote). It should only show MM that I competed in - made at least one submission.

Here is my SRM rating view:


This has the same problems as the MM view. Furthermore, it doesn't have any statistics like MM view, such as highest rating, number of competitions, country rank etc.

If I click on SRM details tab then I am shown this view:


I am glad this is still here. However the columns are too wide. They can be made half the width, to make it look better and avoid horizontal scrolling. Now if I click See Past SRM it will show me my past SRM, but in some random order. These should be shown from most recent to oldest.

UI team, PLEASE before making any new UI changes run them past people who will be using the website, like me and other competitors. Remember that ratings and statistics are very important to competitors. If we lose them then we lose competitors. It's as simple as that.

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    One more important bug, the handles are white in member profiles. They should be the colour of their highest rating. So @tourist should be red here:


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    @dimkadimon, thanks for the feedback and post. We'll resolve these issues shortly!

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