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Hello everyone 👋 this is my first post on TopCoder.
I am Anthony, a Python developer 🐍/Technical Writer with a background in Electrical/Electronics Engineering.

I am well experienced in designing and building databases, creating and deploying database-backed web APIs, and securing and managing user authentication and access control for web application backend.

I currently work as a backend developer on a team using the Django and React frameworks to build an easy to use energy management software, to reduce energy consumption, cost and carbon footprint for businesses and homes.

Skills -
• Scripting experience (Python, Bash, and PowerShell)
• SQL and Data modeling (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLAlchemy, Django ORM)
• API development and documentation (Restful APIs, FastAPI, Postman, Swagger)
• Web application Identity Access Management
• Systems administration (Linux and/or Windows Servers)
• Server deployment and containerization(Docker, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, CI/CD with AWS Code Build & Code Pipeline)
• Version Control System tools/services (Git, DockerHub, GitHub, Bitbucket)
• Software Engineering Methodologies: SDLC, DevOps, Agile / SCRUM

Interests -
• Afrobeats🎵, Food, IOT, Space exploration.

I am always open to connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals, so feel free to reach out to me.

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  • 138 posts Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 06:57 PM

    That's quite a set of skills that will serve you well here. Welcome.

  • 2 posts Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 08:24 PM

    Thank you Mahestro

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