Congratulations to our TCO23 Stage 1 Winners!

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Congratulations to our TCO23 Stage 1 Winners, who have won a trip to TCO23 to compete in the finals!

Algorithm: tourist
Marathon: nika
Development: sparemax
Design: iaminfinite
Data Science: Dylan_Liu
QA: Subhu

Congratulations to our copilots, who have won a trip to TCO23!

Development Copilot: phead
Design Copilot: fajar.mln
Data Science Copilot: googlesmkm
QA Copilot: LieutenantRoger

Finally, congratulations to our Stage 1 gig worker who has won a trip to TCO23!


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    Congratulations everybody! :)

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    Congratulations everyone!

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    IMHO, we need to prepare for TCO23 realy early to avoid issues regarding visa application. For instance, visa interview slots can be available in next 3-4 monts after applying (for several countries).

    The sooner Topcoder prepare it, the more we can avoid unexpected things.

    Since we only have 3 stages for TCO23, What about we provide them after each stage is competed?

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    Hi @iaminfinite, definitely agree that the more notice for visa issuance the better! We are working to shorten the timeline between when a stage ends, and when results are tabulated. Our goal is to be able to announce stage winners within 4 weeks of the stage ending, and now all our leaderboards are up and running. We hope to see everyone IN PERSON for 2023!

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    This thread didn't age well, at all.
    It is curious that members won trips, but later it is simply announced that there are no trips.
    I guess in some countries that would be a typical case for lawsuit.

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