In search of a Favicon Extractor API for my Web Application

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I am currently working on a web application that allows users to bookmark their favorite websites. As part of the application's functionality, I need to extract the favicon of each bookmarked website and display it to the user. To achieve this, I am looking for a reliable Favicon Extractor API.

I have searched for several Favicon Extractor APIs available in the market, including the APIs provided by FaviconFinder, RealFaviconGenerator, and Google, but I am having trouble deciding which one to use. While these APIs offer various features, such as extracting and resizing favicons, they may not be suitable for my project's requirements.

I am looking for a Favicon Extractor API that can easily integrate into my existing codebase, provide high-quality favicons for various websites, and is affordable for a small project. The API should allow me to extract the favicon URL or file from a given website and store it in my application's database.

If anyone has experience with implementing a Favicon Extractor API or knows of a reliable API that can meet my needs, I would appreciate any advice or recommendations on this matter.

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    To extract favicons from bookmarked websites in your web application, consider using a reliable Favicon Extractor API like the one offered by RealFaviconGenerator or FaviconFinder. These APIs provide features for extracting and resizing favicons, ensuring high-quality results for various websites.

    While deciding between APIs, make sure to consider their compatibility with your existing codebase and affordability for a small project. Both RealFaviconGenerator and FaviconFinder offer easy integration and should meet your requirements.

    These Favicon Extractor APIs allow you to extract the favicon URL or file from a given website and store it in your application's database. They are reputable choices in the market and have been used successfully by many developers.

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