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On July 31, 2023 we deployed some new platform updates.

What changed?
* Profiles and profile editing
* Account settings
* A new reminder in the header to encourage members to fill out specific data on their profile including:
* Skills
* Work history
* Education
* Looking for work (new flag)
* Profile picture
* Bio
You can see / edit your profile at{handle} . Example:

New Features: For the profiles app, you will see some new features that you can edit and add to your profile, including: A new “open to work” flag in the upper right. This will be used in an upcoming “talent search” application to find members that may fit a specific gig role, or find members that may be useful on a project for copilots. Once you set this to either checked or unchecked, you will stop getting reminded to set it in the header.

We encourage you all to fill out your profiles similar to how you would on a site like LinkedIn. Note that we are aware of some of the stats not showing correctly, along with some missing badges. Those will be fixed as we clean up the member data and stats.

If you see anything that doesn’t look quite right, or you’re concerned about any of these changes, feel free to let us know here.

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  • 1 posts Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 02:36 PM

    Where can I see my SRM rating graph and percentile in new profiles UI. Its not visible in "My profle" and I also cant locate any button or link to see it. Please guide me. If its removed in the new UI, is it possible for me to switch to old UI?

  • 1737 posts Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 08:41 PM

    Hi @UTSAV_DEEP - I see this for the other tracks, but not for SRM. I'm tracking it down for you.

  • 1737 posts Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 09:21 PM

    To confirm - this is a bug, we've logged it, and it should be fixed soon.

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