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I'm new to the TopCoder community and am looking for some resources and help to push me further in my Computer Science and Programming studies. I've recently completed two bootcamps on Java and Web Development but am always looking for more resources to study from and improve my skills as a Software Developer even further. It would also be nice to get some more practice on Interview Questions as I have recently started applying to jobs and will hopefully go through the interview process soon. Any tips on earning a stable income with TopCoder gigs would be appreciated as well to help with my side hustle. Thank you and it's nice to meet all of you who comment!!

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    @dorf8839 Welcome - definetly ask questions and check out our Skill Builder challenges. If you have any questions about Topcoder Gigs we have a team that can help you out.

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    Hey @dorf8839,
    Welcome to Topcoder!

    Two bootcamps wow! I would like to know all about the projects you did and things you built. Do share your bootcamp experience.

    There are two ways to jump right into the mix of things at Topcoder. 

    Topcoder consists of the best developers, designers, and data scientists from all over the world; but that is not a reason to feel nervous or not good enough. Consider the Topcoder platform as an opportunity to learn and grow with the best. The community is always welcoming and helps newbies get up to speed, learn and start winning. They love tough competition and are constantly helping each other to grow that competition.

    Here’s a link to our practice challenges and Skill Builder Challenges designed specifically to practice/test the skills you are learning which will help you get started on Topcoder Challenges.

    Also, when you have some time, check out this article about a member’s first year at Topcoder.

    If you still are not able to get what you are looking for:Join us on the weekly chats with the community team every Monday at 10:00 UTC -4. Kick-off each week with the latest at Topcoder and talk to us face to face for help, networking, or to just say "Hello".

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