Introducing V.1.0 of the Challenge Recommender Tool

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Hi Everyone!

If you go to the Topcoder challenge listing page, under the challenge filters by Track and Type you can find a new switch that had not been there before - "Recommended Challenges". This is our first implemented version of a Challenge Recommender - a personalized tool that is designed to suggest “Open for Registration” challenges to the members based on their past competition history. It aims to cut down on the time spent looking for relevant challenges and recommend those that give the user the highest chance at winning!


An underlying principle of the Recommender Tool is quite straightfrorward. It utilizes a back-end automated Challenge Tagger Tool that scans over past challenges specs and automatically converts them into lists of standardized skill-related tags. If the user had challenges won in the past, the skill-tags from those challenges are combined into a hidden user’s skill profile, and this skill profile is compared to the skill-tags of the challenges that are open for registration. A resulting match-score is used to select the contests with overlap to the user’s skills and return them in the order, sorted by the match-score, placing the most relevant contests on the top.

Currently the tool is useful only for the users that have successfully participated in least one public challenge in the past four years (ending up within the winners-bucket), but we are actively exploring the options to expand the tool to the users with no past experience on the platform, as well as to the users in the private communities.

It is just our first touch of the water in making the topcoder experience for the members more personalized, allowing smart and comfortable ways of navigating the challenge stream. Your Questions and Feedback are very welcomed - as we are going to invest more into this service development if you like it!

Very best, G0rynich

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