TCO21 Round 1B

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The second attempt of the first Online Round of the 2021 Topcoder Open Algorithm Competition has arrived! Round 1B will be held on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 07:00 UTC -4.

Did you win an 
- Automatic Berth a.k.a Bye for Round 1 or 
Qualified to Round 4 from Online Stages 1 and 2 or
Advanced to Round 2 from Round 1A? 
We also have a  parallel-rated round for all those who won an Automatic Berth a.k.a Bye for Round 1, qualified to Round 4 and from Online Stages 1 and 2 or and advanced to Round 2 from Round 1A.

How many will qualify?
The 750 highest scorers from each Round 1 will win a spot in Round 2 of the Algorithm Competition.

How to Compete?
Please note that you must register for this round in the Arena or Applet

Registration is open for the round and closes at 6:55 UTC -4. Be sure you register early to guarantee your spot in the round as registration is limited to the first 2,500 competitors. Please take a look at our How to Compete guide to understand Topcoder Algorithm rounds better.

The Topcoder Open Algorithm Competition consists of an Onsite Finals and there are three ways to advance to the Onsite Finals:

  • Four online stages,
  • Four online rounds,
  • Up to five onsite regional rounds followed by one online wild card round.

TCO21 Algorithm Competition Schedule:
Round 1A: April 17 at 12:00
Round 1B: April 28 at 07:00
Round 2A: May 22 at 12:00
Round 2B: June 2 at 07:00 
Round 3: July 8 at 07:00
Round 4: July 31 at 12:00

All times are in UTC -4.

Some Important Links:: Match Results (match results, rating changes, challenges, individual test case results), Problem Archive, Problem Writing, Algorithm Rankings, Editorials and Older Editorials(SRM 710 and before),

Best of luck to you in the Arena!
- The Topcoder Community Team

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