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Hey Everyone,
Hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

The big news Marathon Match 126 just went live. Sliders is problem written by @JacoCronje. It is a game played on a NxN grid. Each cell of the grid is either empty, contains a hole or contains a block with one of C colours. You play the game by moving and sliding the blocks into the holes. At the start of the game, a score multiplier Z begins with the value N*N. After each move or slide, Z decreases by one. Let c be the value of a block, you score Z*(c-1) points when the block disappears into a hole.

This is the first match of Stage 4 of TCO21. So, a great chance to compete and qualify to TCO21 Marathon Finals from Stage 4

Last month, we shared how interesting MM 125 results were going to be, as they became the deciding factor on who gets to qualify to TCO21 Marathon Finals from Stage 3. With top 5 in a close fight, it was @tourist, @vdave and @simanman who made it to TCO21 Finals.

Other Challenges

Upcoming Matches

Following are the scheduled matches for the next quarter, I will update this thread when there are new paid matches to share.

Marathon Match 126 - Wednesday, April 28, 13:00 UTC -4 to Wednesday, May 5, 13:00 UTC -4
Marathon Match 127 - Wednesday, June 2, 13:00 UTC -4 to Wednesday, June 9, 13:00 UTC -4

Gig Work Opportunities

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Hope to see most of you compete and apply for the gig opportunities!


Harshit [@hmehta]

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