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Hey Everyone!

MM 126 had a very dramatic ending where the results were delayed because of a system issue, but while it made things a little frustrating for the members, it also had the leaderboard move up and down throughout the fixes. With only two marathons planned at the moment for Stage 4, getting a good score really matters for the members for qualifying to TCO21.  After all this, @sullyper moved up by three positions in the system testing to win the match.
Checkout the rankings and TCO Leaderboard here.

MM 127, the second Marathon Match of this Stage of TCO21 is being tested and prepared for getting launched on ** June 2nd**. Find the challenge here in the challenge listing. The match is prepared by @dimkadimon and tested by @JacoCronje and @kphmd.

We look forward to see most of you compete!


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    Hey Everyone,
    Unfortunately, the issue with the system is bigger than we thought. We will have to delay the match by a week. The team is working hard on fixing the issue asap and we will get enough time to test everything as well.

    The match will now start at 13:00 UTC-4 on June 9th.

    We hope to see you all join in and compete!

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    The stage 4 is set to end at the end of the month. Is there any other MM or sponsored competition planned to count towards the stage 4 besides MM126 which is over and MM127 currently running?

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    Hey @sullyper,
    Missed respondng to this, no MMs lined up for Stage 4 of TCO21 :) We will be announcing the TCO22 schedule very soon in the newsletter!

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