The New Vs. Old forum - My experience

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I am really happy that topcoder realeased the new forum from this month i.e., june of 2021.
Really New forums support emojis, allow me to bookmarks my favorite and important ones so I just need not scroll again and again, have thumbs up and thumbs down (Hope I get the thumbs up for this) and the autosave, the savior from my careless behaviour and my device cheating on the last moment and making my typing go in vain, and not to forget Topcoder improved with mobile friendly world.
Really I am excited super excited to experience the new form and guess what I am experiencing one right away while I am writing this up.
But I am also having nostalgia about the old forum, the way it work and the disscussions it had. Well, we all have it in the read only format but it take time to new time to come. So, yes getting use to new awesome user friendly forum and forgetting the old buddy take time but it is necessary and really important to do.
At final, happy disscussion to all my fellow using the new form.
And now, I could remind you all guys that if you like my forum disscussion leave a thumbs up for me.

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    So nice

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