On Evaluation of Rookie SRM

2 posts Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 12:23 AM in SRMs

So far we have 5 Rookie SRMs. I want some evaluations from TopCoder side of what was the effect on creating Rookie SRMs.

There are some things that we should consider:

  • Whether problem difficulties are appropriate/optimal for targeted skill-level
  • Whether the 75-minute match time is appropriate/optimal for targeted skill-level
  • What the concept of problem setting should be in this contest

For example, I thought that, 75-minute is bit long in such contest that targets beginners, and 45-minute might be better. However, this is a personal opinion and such opinions may change by people.

Also, I think that one of the ideal key concept for first problem is "programming basics", and the second and third one are either of "typical usage of basic algorithms", "implementation challenge", or "practice of mathematical observations", or those combined. However, for any concept TopCoder imagines, it should be presented more clearer to gain the reputation.

I am waiting for response for the current evaluation, for creating world's best competitions for beginners.


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  • 1 posts Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 03:43 PM

    I think that 75-minute is OK for beginners
    What I don't like is that every other competitor more than 800-rating can also participate in this round together with beginners. I offer to make parallel round for 800-rating above participants. It will help for beginners to feel equal competition and it gives concentration and motivation to win this round, at least to win your own room. When beginner wins round, he feels energy and confident to participate in more rounds and study algorithms more

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