July'21 Marathon Matches | Interesting End to TCO21 Qualification | TCO22 Schedule

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Hey Everyone,
Hope you and your families are safe and healthy.

MM 127 results were just announced, it also marked the end of TCO21 Qualification for Marathon Tournament. sullyper won the match and @CatalinT took a comfortable position to qualify, while for the 3rd qualifying spot defending champion @iehn was in contention however he slipped a position in the system testing, and which made @Inaniwa move up and qualify to his first TCO Finals.

With TCO21 MM Finalists now final, it’s time for TCO22.

Upcoming Matches

Following are the scheduled matches for the next quarter, I will update this thread when there are new client matches to share.

Lightning Marathon Match 128 - Monday, Aug 2, 09:00 UTC -4 to Thursday, Aug 5, 09:00 UTC -4
Marathon Match 129 - Wednesday, Sept 15, 13:00 UTC -4 to Wednesday, Sept 22, 13:00 UTC -4

Atfer 3 years the Regional events will feature a Marathon Match. With the increasing competition in Marathon Tournamenet we are excited to announce that TCO21 Regionals will feature a Lightning Marathon Match, which runs for 72 hours instead of the usual 7 days. The best scoring member from each region will take back home the title of Regional Champion, while the champion of the champions wlll be awarded an extra cash prize.

Gig Work Opportunities

Did you know Topcoder offers freelance gigs? Apply for one of our awesome Data Science contract gigs and set yourself up with the freedom to earn while having fun with competing on our Marathon Matches. Find them all here.

Hope to see most of you compete and apply for the gig opportunities!


Harshit [@hmehta]

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    Just a quick question for @hmehta: Will the lightning MM128 also contribute to TCO22 (Stage 1) points or is it only MM129? Are there any sponsored matches planned for stage 1?

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    Hey @vdave,
    Yes it will contribute to TCO22 Stage 1.

    Only members who have qualified for the regionals will be eligible for the regional prizes and other awards, otherwise anyone can join, compete and earn points on TCO22 Stage 1Leaderboard.

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