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Hey Everyone!

SRM 809 and SRM 810 saw the veterans @tourist and @Petr return to winning ways. While on the other side 20 Rookies did their best to win a Topcoder T-shirt in the Rookie SRM 6.

Here's the TCO22 Algorithm Leaderboard, do check who's leading and if you got your points. We still have four(4) more SRMs left in this Stage and we think it will go down to the wire to decide who willl become the first finalist of TCO22.

On the other side, TCO21 Algorithm Online Rounds are coming to an end. 120 members will be locking their heads on Saturday, July 31 at 12:00 UTC for the ultimate online round of TCO21 Algorithm Tournament. Didn't make it to Round 4 this year, there will be a parallel round for you to test your self as well!

Problems of the Month - July'21

This time I selected an easy problem to help almost beginners. This helps you learn the correct path to think on the problems. The problem is OptimalGolf.

It states that we are playing a golf game. The distance from tee to the hole is D. We have several clubs where by using i-th of them we can move the ball from its current position to anywhere within the range [clubLo[i] meters, clubHi[i] meters] from its current position.

by @a.poorakhavan




TCO21 Regionals Algorithm Qualifying - 1, Wednesday, Aug 3, 07:00 UTC-4
TCO21 Regionals Algorithm Qualifying - 2, Thursday, Aug 4, 21:00 UTC-4
TCO21 Algorithm WildCard, Friday, Aug 6, 07:00 UTC-4
SRM 811 Saturday, Aug 21, 12:00 UTC-4
SRM 812 Wednesday, Sept 1, 12:00 UTC-4
SRM 813 Friday, Sept 17, 11:00 UTC-4
SRM 814 Wednesday, Sept 29, 21:00 UTC-4

New Events/Contest Calendar

We are moving our SRM and MM announcements to a new Google Calendar, we request you to quickly subscribe to our new calendar to stay abreast of the upcoming rounds.

Here are the links to the calendar:

Hope to see most of you compete! :)

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