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From 1 to over 1.6 million – I’ve watched this Topcoder community grow and prosper. It has been a pleasure and an honor to not only lead the charge but be a part of it.

I am grateful for the bonds that have been made, the growth that has happened, and also the perseverance through some of the tumultuous times here at Topcoder. I am incredibly proud of what this community has become and the prospects of the bright future in store.

That is why today, even though I am announcing my departure from the company as CEO, I will always be a part of this community for life and will maintain the mikem handle.

The passionate team at Topcoder will continue to lead the charge putting the community first in all they do and I am relying on you to keep engaging, continue voicing your ideas and thoughts, and trust that the Topcoder community and business are strong. Although I may not be at the helm, I’m still rooting for you to earn first place, to get that gig, and to win that ultimate TCO brackets trophy.

Thank you for all you do and all you are. The strength of the Topcoder Community comes from each one of you that proudly goes by your TC handle!


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    I am sad that we are losing our leader and friend, Mike Morris, as he continues his career forward on a new path. I hope that you will all help me by thanking him for all that he has done for the Topcoder Community and company over the past 20 years. He has helped build the business, bring in amazing customers and work for you, and has always been the biggest fan of the community by never forgetting to praise the hard work, awesome ideas, and amazing outcomes that you have all been providing to our customers over the years.

    Though things are changing within the company, the Topcoder Community couldn’t be stronger. When I became VP of Community last year, my plan was to bring in as many new opportunities and keep everyone busy and that is still the focus. The question is always: Is this good for the community?

    The vision for me is clear – community first. Always. That doesn’t change. Our commitment to you to always be the community you came here for stands true.

    As we pivot internally, we look to tap into you for fresh ideas, new insights, and your vision for making us the best talent community we can be. I look forward to sharing our plans for feedback and to continue that transparency that we have always been proud of.

    During this time if you have concerns or want to talk to me or anyone on the community team, we are always available.


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    We are community tough. We have weathered many storms together. We have always been there for each other. This is not a time to worry or have fears. In my 16 year tenure at Topcoder, I’ve never been more excited for the journey we are on. Please continue to put your trust and faith in us as we look forward to the future of Topcoder.

    I am incredibly grateful to Mike Morris and the passion he has shared with us for this company. He has been the best cheerleader for all that we do and I’m pretty sure, even when he’s not leading us, he’ll still be cheering for us from the sidelines.

    I look forward to continuing to work with Adam to bring you amazing opportunities and putting the community first. Thank you for your trust and for being part of our community. And thank you Mike, we’ll miss you!

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    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your works at Topcoder. To break the barriers between renowned corporations and talents around the globe through online opportunities isn't an easy task and not a lot of people can do. Nurturing a great team and forming core values together is also an achievement on its own.

    The years you put at Topcoder helped a lot of us as members to get types of opportunities and experiences we never have before, and I'm grateful for that.

    I hope and pray you'll have a joyful and greater journey ahead, being a greater person and bless a lot more people.

    God bless!

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