Topcoder Nation Happenings In August 2021

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"Many have a million dollars but there are none who have won a million TC challenges... You would stand alone on that peak of peaks..."

@AleaActaEst on why he would rather win one million challenges

Topcoder Hangout Friday
Is it so obvious that we, in Topcoder, crave for competitions and rewards? We brought the first edition of the Hangout Friday to chill and win prizes while playing games with fellow Topcoder members. Congratulations to the swag winners:

Topcoder Nation Show Gems
Topcoder Nation Show #7 ft. vdave

  • David created the software for a famous TV Show watched live by millions – The One Million Pound Drop..
  • He started coding on a Commodore 64 computer (thirty years ago) and fell in love with coding games.
  • He spends a significant amount of time understanding the problem and researching rather than actually coding.

Why picachui? Why cyberjag?
Have you ever wondered why our friends in the community choose those names as handles?

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