TCO21 North America Regional Meetup Recap

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In the evening on the 2nd day, the North America Regional event took place. One thing to note is that Adam, Jessie, and Harshit did their best to accommodate all the regions due to the different time zones. 

North America is where most of our Topcoder staff live and where TCO happens every year. We played some amazing games with the best of the best and also had fun chatting with everyone and checking in on everyone’s health. 

We have many brilliant members there that we’re happy to see competing on challenges, learning and getting involved more with the community. Although there are only five countries in that region, the members were paid an impressive amount of $1,182,504 in the past year.

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The member that stood out the most in this region is VanitaW for her contribution to the community and involvement in the learning challenges, and more. The top performers in this region that gathered the largest amount of points were @youDare, @yzhou77, @""starlightjason2", @sullyper, @vlad_D and @neal_wu.

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