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Hey members, use this thread if you have questions about Topcoder!

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    Hello I am a commerce graduate who wants to do web development as you may see I know only html and some css , Can I do something in topcoder with that skills?

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    Hi @Arjunultra,

    First of all, Welcome to the Topcoder Community :)

    Having a knowledge of HTML and CSS is a great start if you want to be serious in web development world. However, you will need to step up your game a little bit, other essential knowledge that you need to know in web development is a javascript skill. Along with that, try and learn various aspect of web development like javascript framework (react, angular, etc) or css framework bootstrap, and other trends in web development.

    You can also learn about skills for web development from our THRIVE platform: https://www.topcoder.com/thrive or from our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TopcoderOfficial, and filter it for web development learning content.

    Our community also have a lot of talented web developer members that you can reach out, just post your questions in the forum and they will help to clear out your doubts.

    Explore and start your journey as web developer with Topcoder, and don't hesitate to ask any questions if you have one, thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Topcoder Community Manager

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    Hi Fajar,

    I have fond memories of Topcoder and winning Marathon Match 42 "Flocking Behavior" on 15 October 2008.


    As you can see I was the winner in the final evaluation.

    Unfortunately today I was disappointed to see the following:


    It seems the provisional leader board has replaced the final leader board.

    Here is further evidence of my rating progression and re-confirmation of my 1st place:


    Kindly advise whether you can re-instate the accurate historic record for MM 42.

    Thank you

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    How I can earn $3000 per week through Topcoder Gigs. Please give me some tricks and tips

    Raju Moses

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    Hi @rajumoses

    We have a lot of gigs that pay that amount of money in our gig work page, but in order to get/landed that particular of gig work, you will need to master/or have advance skills in particular technology, I think there are tons of gigs that pay the amount of money you're mentioned.

    For example, check out our two top gig works right now:

    Now, how good are you and what kind of skills that you already mastered? One way to landed that gig work is to show your skills to us, either by providing great portfolio record when applying to particular gig, or show it directly by participating in our challenges and show a good track record in our competition platform for the required specific skills.

    There is no shortcut to get the gig work, but if you have the skills needed for the gigs and also trustworthy, it will be very easy for you to get/landed the gig work.

    Let us know more if you have any questions, thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Fajar Maulana Harahap
    Topcoder Community Manager

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    Hello,I'am a new comer.I'm looking for code that someone submitted in the challenges.Can you tell me how to find it.Thanks!


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    @roccinante said:
    Hello,I'am a new comer.I'm looking for code that someone submitted in the challenges.Can you tell me how to find it.Thanks!


    To access a submission of a concluded challenge you will need to be a submitter in that challenge with a passing score. There is no other way to access submissions of a challenge, unless one is a copilot or reviewer in that challenge.

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    im new here and looking for gaining some knowledge about freelance and wanna do something in my life about it...i don't know what to do what...if anyone of you can help me please let me know:))

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    Hi Topcoder crew. I'm an incoming college freshmen and I want to major in software engineering. Am I qualified for topcoder with just a highschool diploma?

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    Hi team, where can i find my topcoder referal link. kinldy help

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    卄| | 卂爪 Ҝ|几ᗪ ㄖ千 几乇山 乃ㄩㄒ | ᗪㄖ 几ㄖㄒ ㄩ几ᗪ乇尺丂ㄒ卂几ᗪ ㄒ卄乇 匚ㄖ几匚乇卩ㄒ ㄖ千 卂卩卩ㄥㄚ|几ᘜ 千ㄖ尺 ㄒ卄ㄖ丂乇 ᘜ|ᘜ丂 |丂 |ㄒ ㄒ卄卂ㄒ 山乇 卄卂ᐯ乇 ᐯ|丂|ㄒ ㄒ卄乇 山乇乃丂|ㄒ乇 乇ᐯ乇尺ㄚ ᗪ卂ㄚ ㄖ尺 山卄卂ㄒ?

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    font. Translation.
    Hi I am king of new but I'd not understand the concept of applying for those gig's is it that we have visit the website every day or what?

    fuente. Traducción. Hola, soy el rey de lo nuevo, pero no entiendo el concepto de solicitar esos conciertos, ¿es que visitamos el sitio web todos los días qué?

    You are JavaScript Code.
    I 💕 you too

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    hi team i don't understand the concept of the gigs is it that we have to visit the website everyday or what?

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    can you please guide me how to extract data from toipcoder to maake a dataset.

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    I am new to TopCoder. Register for a challenge name "EPOST RX MODERNISATION - P_RS_RXLINKING_INSERT IMPLEMENTATIONz" , But I can't file any question file So I am not getting How to start or from where to start.

    My question is Do I have to do that from scratch on my own???? or
    Question file is there But May be I am not able to find, Is that case??

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    Hello, we can't compile code on topcoder arena, it said "Sorry, the request is timeout.", we love topcoder SRM, please fix it!

  • 1498 posts Wed, Dec 21, 2022 at 12:36 AM

    Hi @prism17

    I believe the issue has been resolved now. For further questions or suggestions related to SRM, Arena, and others related to competitive programming, please post it under our forum category "COMPETITIVE PROGRAMMING" so we can response to your query faster, thank you.

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    hi @jmpld40


    using the above mentione article I'm able to understand JWT more easier than other stuff on the web..
    really thankful for the following resource..

    I've on question regarding /hiddencontent route which is mentioned in the above article..
    while I'm providing header with Authorization and admin token like JWT [JWT_TOKEN] buth the issue here is that the logic is not working for the given token..

    here is my code..

    const express = require("express");
    const { register, login, verifyemail } = require("../controllers/auth.controller.js");
    const verifyToken = require("../middlewares/authJWT.js");
    const user = require("../models/user");
    const router = express.Router();




    router.get("/hiddencontent", verifyToken, (req, res) => {
    if (!user) {
    message: "Invalid JWT token",
    if (req.user == "admin") {
    message: "Congratulations! but there is no hidden content",
    } else {
    message: "Unauthorised access", // it is always comes in this section while authorization part

    module.exports = router;

    can anyone help me out in this part..

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    Can you post this under our forum category LEARNING -> THRIVE section so I can help find an answer to your question? This is not the correct place to post your question, thank you.

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    hello I got selected for a gig and its showing as phone screen os scheduled or you need to schedule a phone screen how to do that

  • 126 posts Sat, May 6, 2023 at 06:58 PM edited May 6, 2023 at 06:59 PM

    Hi @Padmini_Devi

    Thank you for posting your question!

    All gigs you have applied to are now cancelled or Unfortunately your profile was not a match hence the phone screening is not scheduled.

    Please keep applying to gigs which match your skills and interest here !

    You can reach out to gigwork@topcoder.com for more queries!


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    i want know about Topcoder situtation and future vision. i heared TCO 23 is last tco for Topcoder. so i want know about future challenges about customers and earnings.

  • 75 posts Mon, May 15, 2023 at 01:39 PM

    Hi @WinnerE , thanks for posting. The best place to get updates is by joining us at our Topcoder Town Hall next week (5/24/2023). Town Hall Register Here Even if you cannot attend live, we will send out the recording afterwards and also share on Discord. We look forward to seeing you there!

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    under my gig it's showing git status as "Phone Screen" and message is like "You need to schedule a phone screen or a phone screen has already been scheduled" I haven't got any email though, can you guide me how can I proceed further

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    i am not able to see all the challenges ,just few are visible.can you please tell me where can i check that,
    Is there any criteria for working on challenges,I can work on any challenges depends on interest right?

  • 3 posts Fri, Apr 26, 2024 at 11:49 AM

    Hi, I'm new here and I was wondering about our profile pages, specifically the rating-history: For some Tracks/Challenge Types one sees the events people took part in and all the occasions where they changed their rating - and for others one sees nothing? Just seems very strange....
    Are there any rules, about what challenge types appear and which don't ? Or is there a button to turn visibility on and off?

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