Topcoder Nation Happenings In September 2021

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Topcoder Nation Show Gems
Topcoder Nation Show #8 ft. maxceem

  • It took him less than one year dedicated to competitions to gather the experience needed to become a copilot.
  • As an avid salsa dancer, he founded a salsa school in Bali.
  • He exposed finance data from Topcoder by sharing the highest amount he has made in a month: $7,000

Topcoder Nation Show #9 ft. picachui

  • The UX perspective of understanding requirements in a deep level helped her excel in her QA transition.
  • As a full-time remote worker she mastered the art of multi-tasking to take care of parenting and work simultaneously.
  • Taking advantage of remote work, she could mitigate the lockdown (pandemic) with spending quality time with her family exploring board games all together, making a conscious effort to make good use of their time.

Why jivkoss? Why talesforce?
Have you ever wondered why our friends in the community choose those names as handles?

Hangout Friday #2
We have to do it again! Fun people meet fun games in Topcoder. Join us on October 8th for a new edition of the Hangout Friday to chill and win prizes while playing games with fellow Topcoder members.

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