Best Technology Stack for Enterprise Hybrid Application.

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Anyone can help me please,
Which technology stack is batter to develop enterprise hybrid applications just like hospital management system or health and care system?
1:-MERN Stack
2:-Java EE/Jakarta EE

Iram Kahkashan.

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    Hi @IrammKahkashann

    The answer is depend on the requirements, resources, and the scalability for the application you're trying to build. By saying hybrid application, are you looking to develop the application across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, in different OS, etc)? what is the programming language that your team more familiar with? and many others. Many developers right now prefer to use MERN stack because it's more popular and have a lots of resources, the current/trending references are "MERN > MEAN > Java". But again, it will depends on many factors, the budget, timeline, maintenance, etc.

    But if you want to create modern web apps, based on what I gather so far from our MVP members, it should be MERN stack. Hope it helps.

    Best Regards,

    Fajar Maulana H
    Topcoder Community Manager

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