Last Month of 2021!! Share your stories

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It's the LAST month of 2021! What are you hoping to check off your bucket list? What was your favorite part of 2021 at Topcoder? Share your stories!

I want to hear them because your feedback matters.

Loved the Skill Builder Spree in September? Want us to do it again and more often?

Wish you had tried the Figma Skill Builder Competition? Want to see some info?

Didn't qualify for the TCO21 finals but hoping to for 2022?

Share here!

I'll go first:

One of my main goals this past year was to take a lunch break daily, away from my desk. It worked for a few months and then life happened.

One of my favorite parts of 2021 was our This Week at Topcoder calls every Monday. Even when I was on vacation, I was sad to be missing it. Meeting new members, hearing good questions, and helping folks was definitley one of the brightest spots in my week, daily. I look forward to continuing on for all of 2022 too!

How can we help YOU in 2022?

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