New Type of Design Challenge: Thoughts Welcome

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Hi Designers,

We talked today about a new competition website design challenge we will have soon. It's pretty exciting to offer you more opportunities. If you missed the information, we talked about it here.

This new type of challenge differeneces:

  • They will all be a single round challenge.
  • Challenges will be specifically labeled for you and will be run by customers with communication directly with them.
  • Challenges will only pass review if they have all the requirements and requested screens.
  • There will be no final fixes or appeals.
  • Winners will be selected based on the requirements by Topcoder reviewers.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded to the top five designers.
  • TCO Points are available.

Important notes:

  • These new challenges will be posted in addition to the challenges we currently have.
  • We are still figuring out the final details and some changes may happen still as we figure out what the best format/plan is.
  • Your feedback is very important.

In conclusion, more challenges mean more opportunities for you. We are still Topcoder and we still hold ourselves to a certain standard. That will not be glossed over. We stand by our 20+ year long history of being transparent with our members and embracing our integrity.

We look forward to more challenges for you and showing off your awesome work to our customers.

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