The Topcoder Community Team has Grown!

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Hi folks, my team has grown and I wanted to be sure you know who everyone was. That way you have the chance to interact or ask questions to anyone you want!

Please leverage my awesome team and their knowledge to help you be successful here.

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    Hi I am KorieWit, I live in a coastal town in Connecticut, USA. A previous business owner, and active Topcoder member/Gig work community manager. I have always had a passion for helping people be their best self and Topcoder allows me to do that on a global level. I have a passion for design, and being creative in my personal time.

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    Hi everyone,
    I am DaraK, from Transylvania, and I am responsible for the design of the community marketing site and all things related to the brand. I’ve been a member of Topcoder since 2010, started as a newbie designer and learned a lot from our challenges. After this, I’ve been a wireframer, CAB and MVP member and design copilot now. I am a TCO addict! I enjoy meeting everyone and having fun. Besides this, I really like to help new members and everyone who has suggestions to improve things for the best at Topcoder, so don’t hesitate to reach me here, on Slack or email.

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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Fajar Maulana Harahap, my Topcoder handle is fajar.mln, and I am one of the Community Manager at Topcoder. I live in Medan city, Indonesia. I've been joining Topcoder since 2008 and a living proof about how awesome this community. I want you, our members, to be able to experience the same feeling about the community, so if you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via this forum, or email me anytime in

    You can also connect with me in social media:

    Thank you.

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    Hi, I am a Data Scientist and Topcoder copilot from Goa, India.

    I’m interested in learning about new things and over the years have developed an interest in a variety of subjects, such as Physics, Space Technology, Biotech, Artificial General Intelligence, Psychology, Philosophy and basically everything else under the sun that I can find a Youtube video/playlist of.

    I like going for walks, playing with dogs (as well as watching dog videos online!) and spending free time talking to friends and family. And yes, love watching movies (but not TV shows because I can't help but binge on them when I do watch 'em)!

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    Hey there!

    I'm a soft-skills math guy with background in software development, some teaching and security as well. Currently working as a community manager serving the Topcoder community to make Topcoder a better place for us all. I come from Finland, and love math, music and languages (both computer and natural ones).

    Feel free to connect over Topcoder in Europe, Competitive Programming, RDM track competitions and general development stuff! Here to help!

    Bio links:

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am Rohit, I live in a Kolkata, India.

    I am an active Topcoder member and Gig worker. I have a passion for designing and developing enterprise application and work on niche skills and technologies. I am also inquizzitive to learn and work on challenging problems and be my best self and Topcoder has helped me to acheive that on a global level.


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    Hey famiily,

    I'm Luis, a community junkie who hangs out in the Topcoder Nation community, while attempting to serve the newbies in need of useful knowledge through educational programs such as bootcamps and mentorship.

    On the side, I practice kitesurfing, football, dancing, high intensity workouts, mindfulness, and lots of reading.

    Looking forward to helping you in the best possible way to profit from the myriad of opportunities that Topcoder has for you.

    Rise and shine folks! ☀️

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am Praveen, I live in rajasthan, India.

    I am also an active Topcoder member and Gig worker. I have a passion for work with teams to help them with designing and also architect enterprise level business application and work on niche skills like angular, python, node, web accessibility and other cutting edge technologies. I am always up for challenging work and meeting new people, I also agree that topcoder, give a global platform to be able to demonstrate one skills, Topcoder has helped me to achieved that on a global level.


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