Community Monday Meetup - Europe (January 24. 2022)

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We are back again for the third Community Monday Meetup for the Europe region! During this call, we discussed the new format Design challenge, the exciting new NASA Comet Detection challenge, the current AWS Athena Skill-builder, the brand-new LightningJS Skill-builder, and announced the RDM 4 match on 4th February. That's next week!

Nathan joined us to give some special commentary and background on the MuleSoft Training Program that offers FREE training and resources for Topcoder members. In case you missed it, check out last week's meetup, where we had a special session with @coder_jedi on the opportunities that MuleSoft offers for developers. At this point, I'm definitely sold on the value of this program and of the benefits that MuleSoft technology offers as an integration platform that allows the development of modern highly interconnected software systems in a Low-Code fashion.

The next Rapid Development Match (RDM) will be held on February 4th. In this fast-paced, rated development match, the competitors put their development skills, accuracy and speed to the test in a style similar to the SRM algorithm matches. There's prizes too! Tune in next week for extra information on this interesting, challenging and exciting match!

Check out the recording below:

Here are the relevant links given during the session:

NASA Comet Detection Challenge:

NASA Community:

AWS Athena + Power BI Skill-builder:

LightningJS Skill-builder:

New Design challenge format:

Featured gig:

Featured gig:

Featured gig:

Featured gig:

MuleSoft Training Program:

Topcoder Thrive:

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