Topcoder Nation Happenings In February 2022

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Topcoder Nation Show Gems
Topcoder Nation Show #12 ft. sdeepakkumar

  • Despite his short time hanging in Topcoder, community support and challenges are his favorite things, pointing out the help he has received from @jmpld40, @adroc, @ketzjs09, and @pena.
  • He bought a fully functional laptop with the money he earned and gave away the rest to his parents as a gift.
  • Deepak goes full throttle when learning, working restlessly until he gets the knowledge he needs to win challenges.

    Topcoder Nation Show #13 ft. yoki

  • Yoki grew up in the exotic Bali and now lives with his family in Surabaya.

  • Yoki enjoys playing video games. He joined community members iamtong, nico, gh3ablo, and starck181995 to clash in multi-player games.
  • He learned design from scratch through the platform and the help of @basuki as his initial mentor.

TipMonday Gems

Why that handle?
Have you ever wondered why our friends in the community choose those names as handles?

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