March 2022 Development Newsletter

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Happy March Topcoders!

We already in our third month of the year, and I sincerely hope all our members and their loved ones are doing well and are safe!

Topcoder Topcoder Skill Builder Challenges are a great way to learn any new technology and at the same time get acquainted with Topcoder challenges and its nuances. To help you select a Topcoder Skill-builder to start with:

  1. If you are new to GOLANG, or if you're a pro, explore our ongoing GOLAND Skill-Builders

  2. These PostgreSQL Skill-builders are a great way to familiarise yourself with PostgreSQL, which is widely used in the industry and is also required in several Topcoder challenges

  3. If you are into Python Development, check out these ongoing Python Challenges.

  4. If you'd like to gain some differential skills, as in something that would provide you a unique set of skills, consider joining one of these MuleSoft Skill-builder challenges!.
    Our partners at MuleSoft also provide free training in their technologies to Topcoder members, which can be availed by registering through this Mulesoft Training Registration page. These skills should help in upcoming Mulesoft challenges and potentially gigs as well.

  5. For developers interested in other technologies, keep an eye on the Topcoder Challenge listings page!

Apart from the fun of winning challenges, as well as making money while competing, all members have the oppurtunity to work hard and qualify for the Topcoder Open! It is our premier event, which is usually hosted in-person in the United States of America. Members can qualify by earning points by doing a good job in TCO-eligible challenges. To learn more about the Development Track, refer to TCO22 Development Track Homepage!

There's a lot to learn and earn with our challenges, and we are looking forward to helping you grow with Topcoder!

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