Thinking of our Members in Ukraine

431 posts Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 06:36 PM in General Discussion

I wanted to let you know that the entire Topcoder team and I are thinking of those in Ukraine and Europe overall.

During these times of conflict, I feel grateful that I am part of a global community of incredible people who are always willing and able to help out. Through the tough times of the pandemic, we were able to get a huge list of resources in place for members in need around multiple regions, and it really made a difference.

I hope you'll reach out if you need anything. If you or someone you know needs help or knows how help can be found, please let us know how to help our members in your region.

So far, you can learn how to help:
Ukraine info


We will update this when we get more info.

Let's keep this thread clean and kind. No politics.

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