April 2022 Development Newsletter

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Happy April, Topcoder Devs!

Already in the second quarter of the year, we at Topcoder are looking to kick things off in style and work on several initiatives to improve Topcoder from within, the results of which should start to become more apparent in the coming months.

In the meantime, we hope all the Developers out there, interested in learning about a new technology are taking a look at our Topcoder Skill Builder Challenges, which continue to be probably the best way to learn about the nuances of Topcoder challenges, as well as real-world use of various tools and technologies.

To help you select a Topcoder Skill-builder to start with:

  1. If you are new to FinTech, or would like to get your hands dirty anyway, explore our ongoing FinTech Skill-Builders

  2. Our Golang Skill Builders have several more challenges in the pipeline. So you still have time to brush up those Golang skills!

  3. For developers interested in other technologies, keep an eye on the Topcoder Challenge listings page.

  4. Finally, this April 29th, we will have our 6th Rapid Development Match (RDM 6). RDM is a relatively new competition format at Topcoder, which is somewhat similar to the development competitions that take place during the Topcoder finals.
    It's a fun new format, and to learn more about it, refer to the RDM COMPETITION FAQS AND RULES article. Furthermore, to see how past RDMs played out, do refer to the RDM related articles and editorials at Thrive.

Apart from the fun of winning challenges, as well as making money while competing, all members have the oppurtunity to work hard and qualify for the Topcoder Open! It is our premier event, which is usually hosted in-person in the United States of America. Members can qualify by earning points by doing a good job in TCO-eligible challenges. To learn more about the Development Track, refer to TCO22 Development Track Homepage!

With the new quarter now underway, looking forward to you seeing you at the competitions!

-by @ketzjs09

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