Hey!! Do you really excite about experiencing #Topcoder then lets join with me to ask our experts

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Hi!! all experts/experienced/winners/Godfatherofcoding.....................

I & We are new to #Yopcoder and #Topgear . Can you please show us the path to prove ourselves pls...

Coming to my self i'm not interested/ don't know actually ;) about coding.

In this case how can be chamion here. All viewers your single line comments makes us so inspiration pls do reply with your valuable suggestions/do's and Don'ts ...etc

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    Hi @AnyatamSamhita

    Welcome to the community! One advice that I can share right away is to start competing in Topcoder challenges, whether you win or not, that doesn't matter, you will be able to gain new knowledge by participating in the competition.

    Also, we have design and qa tracks too that not related to coding/programming.

    Make sure to explore our top 3 main platform for members that can be found below:

    and you are invited to join our Topcoder Discord server here: https://discord.gg/eEQYFaJuqw where you can talk and interact with all Topcoder members.

    Start learn and earn by being pro-active in the community. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us the community team by posting your questions in this forum or email me via fajar.mln@wearetopcoder.com. Looking forward to see your active participation in the community!

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