Topcoder Nation Happenings In April 2022

138 posts Mon, Apr 25, 2022 at 08:37 PM in Topcoder Nation

I'm finally red in SRM and in the top 10!! It cost me a fortune using topcoins to buy rating points, but was totally worth it!

@cucu totally had us after the April's fool prank.

Topcoder Nation Show Gems
Topcoder Nation Show #15 ft. Doug New CEO

  • One of the main reasons he took this role in Topcoder was the potential he saw in the community. His vision for the future of work is millions of bright minds producing incredible solutions that matter; an engaged community growing together.
  • Building his career in leadership required knowing himself, a vision, and making decisions in the journey towards that end.
  • One of the key lessons he has learned along the way is to trust and rely on teams to do great things rather than individual approaches to failure.
  • The key challenge to guiding this community to its highest potential is awareness. We have an extraordinary pool of talent and the world doesn't know how to access it yet. That's one of the main focus points for Doug's plan to bring more work to the community.

TipMonday Gems

This shot embodied what a TCO finalist goes through when solving problems live. Those nerves! @CatalinT

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