May 2022 Development Newsletter

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Happy May, Topcoder Devs!

Well into the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere (and winter in the Southern Hemisphere), things are starting to heat up as we move onto our 4th and final TCO stage. To learn more about how TCO and its various stages work, please refer to the official Topcoder Open Rules.
In addition to TCO we have several other exciting challenges going, some of which are shared here:

  1. For Blockchain newbies and veterans alike, we have a number of Blockchain skill-builder challenges currently running.
    Newbies can learn new skills by working on an actual project, while veterans might get a chance to sharpen their skills, as well as familiarise themselves with the nuances of Topcoder challenges.

  2. If you'd like to upskill in Microsoft PowerApps, consider checking out these shiny new PowerApps skill-builder challenges.

  3. Developers who would like to share their knowledge with others (and get a chance to win cool prizes while doing it) can explore our series of Content Creation challenges. Here, no coding is required, and all one needs to submit is documents with article, to be considered for a prize.

  4. For Javascript developers, we have some challenge for you, such as License OCR Project API Development and Topcoder Reskin Challenge Listings Page Code Challenge

  5. Finally, contestants can share their ideas and win prizes without having to write a line of code, via our ongoing Ideation challenges. There are currently some ongoing ideation challenge and there could be more in the coming weeks.

The entire list of challenges can be found at the Topcoder Challenge Listings.

Apart from the fun of winning challenges, as well as making money while competing, all members have the opportunity to work hard and qualify for the Topcoder Open! As discussed above, the final stage is now underway. Contestants have till the end of June to gather as much points as they, after which the stage 4 qualifiers will be announced.

In a nutshell, Topcoder Open is our premier event, which is usually hosted in-person in the United States of America. Members can qualify by earning points by doing a good job in TCO-eligible challenges. To learn more about the Development Track, refer to TCO22 Development Track Homepage!

With several new unconventional challenges now underway, looking forward to developers making the most of them!

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