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A few questions about profile information.
My profile stats only show the first challenge I participated in (a few months ago), and the stats from the subsequent 5-6 (including 2 skill builders) are all missing. The average placement has not been updated.
On my history page, the challenges I've participated in are shown, although the latest one is missing from there as well (it ended on Monday).
Is this info updated automatically, or by an administrator, or do copilots need to close the challenges first?

Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for reaching out. We are in the process of updating the skill builder challenges to show on profiles. Sometimes it will take longer if the challenge is longer. I'll have the product team check on this.

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    Thanks @jmpld40

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    Hi kemomvc,

    I took a quick look and it looks like your recent challenges I am aware of are one or more ideation challenges I was involved in, as well as skillbuilders.

    Yes, there is a bug in skillbuilders updating we are working on right now.
    In addition, I'm not sure ideation challenges generate any statistics at all.

    Once the skillbuilder bug is fixed I will check your profile and post again here.


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    Thanks for the info @jay_peg :)

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    Hi @jay_peg/@jmpld40

    I competed in a few f2f challenges this weekend, and noticed they don't get updated either.

    Just a note :)

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