July 2022 Development Newsletter

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Hello Topcoder Devs, we're done with the first half of 2022!

With June's end the TCO22 qualification cycle is now complete and the qualification round for the next year's TCO i.e. TCO23, has begun! For more details about TCO22, refer to the Topcoder Open Rules (the homepage for TCO23 is coming soon).

The following are some of the key challenges currently going on:

  1. If you're an aspring API developer, there's a Software Development Practice challenge related to API development currently ongoing, where the goal is to Build a Lauguage Translation App.

  2. If you'd like to explore security related challenges, explore the fun Crack The Puzzle Challenge.

  3. At any time there are at least a few Ideation Challenges going on. Use your knowledge as a developer and share your ideas in these challenges.

The entire list of challenges can be found at the Topcoder Challenge Listings.

Apart from the fun of winning challenges as well as making money while competing, all members also have the opportunity to qualify for the Topcoder Open! To learn more about the Development Track in TCO22 (TCO23 homepage coming soon), refer to TCO22 Development Track Homepage!

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  • 1 posts Fri, Jul 1, 2022 at 09:06 AM

    You have a typo. In #1, you misspelled "Language" as "Lauguage."

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