Topcoder Nation Happenings In July 2022

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Topcoder Nation Show Gems
Topcoder Nation Show #18 ft. John Wheeler

  • Poor password management is the most common reason for breaches. John suggests cyber hygiene to mitigate that, starting with a good password management tool.
  • Setting up a system access strategy is fundamental to reduce risks of successful attacks against personal accounts. Be mindful of second factor authentications and how you set them up in combination.
  • To guarantee a safe environment for remote work, it’s necessary to lay out foundations of policies alongside technology to ensure compliance.
  • Customers’ concerns about intellectual property are managed through NDAs and a code of conduct.

We Travel Again

Happy to be back in backpack mode wandering the wilderness of the planet! As a warm up, let's check out the beautiful sounds of nature of my last destination.

🦉🦜Birds in Venezuela

Soon I'll share others in our neat discord channel for Topcoder Nation. Let's roll!

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