September 2022 Development Newsletter

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Hello Topcoder Devs, it's September and we hope you're considering being in the race for this year's TCO!
To start gathering those shiny old Development TCO points, the following are some of the key challenges currently going on:

  1. If you're an existing or aspiring web developer who's looking to test your skills at Topcoder, a JavaScript, HTML5, CSS Challenge is currently ongoing.

  2. We also have our new skillbuilder live now, which is structured around Quickbase Learning! Do check out the Quickbase Learning Skillbuilder Challenge.

  3. Finally we have a new VueJS Practice Challenge going on which will allow you to practice VueJS in a Topcoder environment. Practice challenges don't have a prize, and they're meant only for learning.

  4. First2Finish challenges come and go fast, but their points count! Keep track of them here.

  5. At any time there are could be few Ideation Challenges ongoing. Keep a tab on them via this link.

The entire list of live challenges can be found at the Topcoder Challenge Listings.

Apart from the fun of winning challenges as well as making money while competing, all members also have the opportunity to qualify for the Topcoder Open Finals and Regionals! To learn more about TCO23's Development Track (TCO23 homepage coming soon), refer to the brand new TCO23 Development Track Homepage!

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